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EXPOSED: The Billion-Dollar Diet Interests Working Overtime:

To Keep You FAT, Miserable, and Unhealthy!

(and the growing movement built to give you energy, longevity,
and a powerful body WITHOUT grueling workouts!)

Dear Friend:
It’s hard enough losing weight and staying in shape in this society…

Do you feel like you’re on the go more and more, but you’re almost never moving in productive and healthy ways?

Do you feel like you’re working harder and earning less than ever before? Do you feel like your health is just another thing you never have time for –something you’ll get to “someday,” but not today?

As hard as it is, it’s made even harder by the group of creeps who have a financial incentive to keep you fat.

You make the bad guys a bunch of money every time you take a trip to the middle of the grocery store to load up on expensive, sugary stuff your body doesn’t need. Even when you buy seemingly innocuous foods you’ve been told were healthy all your life, you’re adding to their coffers, and they’re laughing at you!

(You don’t think they actually EAT the stuff they sell you, do you?)

And you know it’s not great for you, but you don’t have a lot of pleasures, and it gives you the “kick” you need to make it through another day at work.

You might not feel like it at the moment, but…

You and millions of other people are hooked on an unnatural, unhealthy, and unsustainable diet.

It’s made of cheap crap and supplemented by supposedly “healthy” stuff that shrinks your energy level and expands your waist line.
That’s why so many people give up, why they “let themselves go”… and my heart goes out to those people because they’re not just letting go of their bodies and the pride that comes with looking the way they want…

They’re letting go of their health. They’re letting go of their very lives.

And I don’t want anybody reading this to go through that. So make me a promise that you’ll read this letter very closely and forget everything you’ve been told about a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re fed up with flab and you’ve spent YEARS jumping from one diet plan to the next…

Then you might be thrilled to know that for most people…

The traditional “diet and exercise” isn’t the right diet or the right exercise to help you lose weight.

It’s true. Since the 70’s, the FDA has put grains like corn and wheat at the bottom of the food pyramid – not because they’re the best things for you to eat, and CERTAINLY not because they’re a natural diet… but because there was a lot of it hanging around the country…

And the agricultural world was determined to have demand meet the supply.

So we’ve loaded up on cheap, government-subsidized corn – it’s in almost everything we eat and it’s the cornerstone of all the terrible stuff you see advertised on TV. What have the results been?

Shocking. More and more people are becoming obese, getting diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. And when combined with the sedentary “internet lifestyle”, sickness has EXPLODED in the first world. If you were in charge, wouldn’t you stop and figure out what the hell our society is doing WRONG?

Well, the guys at the top are getting paid. So everything’s going great for them. But if you’re ready to declare a personal state of emergency, here’s what YOU need to know. The modern American diet is like a blip in human history. For thousands of years, humans were hunter-gatherers. They ate meat, they ate fresh vegetation, and they never complained about getting tired halfway through the day, and they didn’t get stuff like diabetes.

I’d like us to go on a journey together, back to the ORIGINAL human diet, so that you can have MORE energy and lose weight without hanging out on a treadmill all day.


When you go Paleo, you’re eating full, flavorful meals without scrimping and without starvation. In a world where food is abundant, it doesn’t make any sense to deprive yourself… and you don’t have to as long as you eat the RIGHT things.
Inside you’ll find out:
Some of the MANY health problems Paleo helps.
• How to reduce allergies and blood sugar woes with Paleo
• How to avoid the energy drops that come with the dreaded “carb flu”
• Three deadly foods you should NEVER eat…
• Should you be eating MORE _____ ? Well, sort of.
• Why time you spend jogging is making you look OLD and dried up (a real shocker!)
• Why cardio doesn’t work and why you might be exercising TOO much right now…
• How to go Paleo WITHOUT busting your bank balance
• Breaking your addiction to sugar (a real diet killer)
• How to get through to naysaying friends and relatives
• A sample day’s meal plan… you’ll know EXACTLY how delicious and filling Paleo can be.
• Paleo in the REAL WORLD: you’re going to go out to eat eventually… how do you survive?
• Unstoppable mental motivation so that this is the last diet you EVER need
• And much more!

Over 50 pages and 12,000 words of authoritative, cutting edge information, we’re going learn quite a but about how the body works, how to properly fuel it, and how to take this knowledge and integrate it into the same busy, stressful life that’s had us reaching for the donuts before. I know that the real world gets in the way of any “diet”… this is a lifestyle that comes with lots of support.

Just Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like…

I have to stress this: this was what you were MADE to eat – after 2 or 3 weeks, your body is going to STOP craving the same junk that made you sick and lethargic in the first place and embrace a new way of living.

Imagine: instead of getting your energy from coffee and insane diet pills, why not get it from YOUR OWN BODY?

Instead of hating yourself for your diet, why not eat as much as you want WITHOUT feeling like the scum of the earth? Instead of looking in the mirror and feeling sad, making even more promises to yourself that you know you won’t keep, why not start today on a road to feeling stronger with the opposite sex and more confident with yourself?

Primal Primer is built from the ground up to transform things for you, and crafted around the central desires of the beginning and intermediate Paleo enthusiast who just needs things simple, easy to follow, encouraging, motivational, and workable in the real world.

How Much Are Those Results Worth To You?

I could easily charge $147 for the stuff on this page – I mean, it REALLY works, it’s not as tough as some of these arcane diets out there (especially if you have the right info), and unlike fad diets, the results LAST. But let’s be honest, I put in all of this work trying to FREE people from the diet industry’s greed. And I want to get feedback and success stories before I even think about bumping up the price. So for the time being, I want to give you an introductory price – low enough that you’ll feel RIDICULOUS if you turn it down and choose to keep “letting yourself go” instead.

So if you’ll put your trust in this course right now, you can have the information inside for an INSANE price. Not $147… Not $97…. Not $67…

$27 gets you the entire Primal Primer course.

And for a limited time, I’m also going to include the Paleo Primal Primer Video’s and the Paleo Primal Primer Power Point Presentation!!!  You can see what the video’s look like by clicking “HERE”. There are a total of 6 video’s included with this bonus.

I shared this stuff with a few people, and they all told me this was a ridiculous offer, but I desperately want people to succeed with this information.

Go ahead and grab Primal Primer right now. Once your payment goes through you can start looking at it INSTANTLY.
To your health!

– Rod and Lynn

PS – No matter where you are, you have a chance to turn things around today – to get in shape, to have more energy, to burn that stubborn layer of fat from your body. Do something positive for yourself and your family and check this course out, risk-free, right now.

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